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Introduction project evRoaming4EU

Allow any EV driver to charge at any charging station in Europe
by making roaming for EV charging a reality

The European partnership project evRoaming4EU* facilitates roaming services for electric vehicle (EV) charging. It does this by providing transparent information to consumers about EV charging, charging locations and prices in Europe through the use of the open independent OCPI protocol. The ultimate goal is to enable all EV drivers to charge hassle-free anywhere in the EU. Our short video explains why.

Video: evRoaming4EU

evRoaming4EU is a collaboration of organisations from four motivated European countries: Austria, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. By sharing knowledge and results, the team hopes to inspire other European countries to join. In our short video, partners and parties concerned explain quickly and clearly why the acceleration of EV roaming has to be high on the agenda.

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